Rockaway Brewing Company
46-01 5th Street, Long Island City
Queens, NY, 11101
EMAIL: rockawaybrewingco@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RockawayBrewingCo

In the US, the American Brewers Association defines a "craft brewery" as "small, independent and traditional", and gives a production size of less than 6,000,000 US beer barrels( which we're not currently close to, we brewed close to 200 barrels in 2012) a year and can not be more than 24% owned by another alcoholic beverage company that is not itself a craft brewery. Hence the reason we are classified as a 'nano-brewery' since our system is less than 3 Barrels small.

Our Growler Room always has at least two beers on tap. You can choose from two sizes of growlers (64 oz. or 32 oz.) or bring your own and we'll fill it regardless of the size. We DO NOT offer cans, bottles, or official tastings at the moment.

If you would like to carry our beer in your restaurant or bar please send an email to the above address. We supply 50 liter DIN kegs and on occasion will some select 1/6 kegs. If you don't currently have a draft system set up, click this link to learn more about ins and outs of draft service.

Our brewing process is very simple, there are no tricks or gimmicks we make it the old fashioned way, with a passion for fresh beer and a lot of elbow grease. We start with mostly north American Barley Malt, we hand grind some of the specialty grains. We filter the good old new york city water for chlorine and sediment and fill our hot liquor tank. Most our hops come from washington state, but we incorporate locally produced whole leaf hops when ever it becomes available. The malt and hot water is carefully mixed together in the mash-tun with a wooden paddle. After about an hour of steeping and at temperatures controlled by our RIMs system the sweet juice called Wort is extracted slowly from the mash tun to the Brew Kettle, we pay close attention to extracting as many of the complex sugars as possible in order to increase the flavor pallet of our beer.

Once in the Brew Kettle the wort is heated slowly to boiling temperature and we start adding the hops on a very specific time line, both pelletized hops and whole leaf hops are used for different styles we make. At the end of the boil we add a bit of Irish Moss a natural clarifying agent. The beer is then drawn out of the Kettle and pumped through a heat exchange device and the hot wort is cooled to about 70 degrees fahrenheit, then it goes the our cleverly constructed DIY climate controlled fermenters. We pitch the yeast, seal it up and let those magical little organisms convert most of the sugars to alcohol and in ten days we have wonderful fresh beer. We transfer the beer into cold storage and lager for a spell to let the yeast fall out of suspension, then transfer into another bright tank for carbonation.

When the beer is sufficiently frothy we keg it up and roll it out to you.